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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
Largest long-term stem cell study in cardiology history shows huge increase in quality of life for stem cell patients vs. serious deterioration for standard cardiology.

Mortality reduction of 79% for stem cells vs. pill-takers.

STOCKHOLM -- Injecting autologous bone marrow stem cells directly into the hearts of patients with chronic heart failure appears to improve ventricular performance, quality of life, and survival, according to an open-label, nonrandomized study.
Benefits of the stem cell treatment were apparent within three months -- and persisted for up to five years of follow-up, Bodo-Eckehard Strauer, of Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, Germany, reported at the European Society of Cardiology Congress here.
Patients who did not receive a stem cell infusion and remained on optimal medical therapy continued to deteriorate throughout the follow-up period.
There were no side effects, Strauer said in a "Hot Line" session.
The findings were reported earlier this year in the European Journal of Heart Failure -- a journal of the ESC -- which led the society to bar Strauer from submitting abstracts for two years. Presenting previously-published data broke the rules for "Hot Line" data.
Strauer said at a press briefing that patients with more severe heart failure seem to fare better from the stem cell treatment.
"This therapy has almost no risk. It can only be beneficial in patients. So, in my opinion, it has real clinical importance for the treatment of heart failure," he said.
Rob Califf, MD, vice chancellor for research at Duke University, highlighted the limitations of the study in his comments to MedPage Today:
"God gave us two gifts for doing clinical research -- blinding and randomization," Califf said in an interview. "If you have done neither, your data are interesting but not definitive."
ED NOTE: Dr. Califf is the point man for Big Pharma who will do anything to keep stem cells from interfering with his bosses' profits---including letting you die with his unproven** pills rather than admit over 2500 successfully treated patients around the world means anything.    Over 500 of these successes were in USA FDA-approved clinical trials.
** 80% of Califf's drug trials are held in easily-bribed undeveloped countries away from FDA's oversight, according to the SEC and the US Dept. of Justice.  Yet the drugs are automatically approved!
Strauer and his colleagues initially approached 391 patients with chronic heart failure resulting from an acute MI to participate in the study -- 191 agreed to receive an autologous bone marrow stem cell infusion, and 200 declined but agreed to participate as controls. The average period since patients experienced an MI was 8.5 years.
Although not randomized, the two groups had similar characteristics at baseline.   Mean left ventricular ejection fraction was 29.5% in the treatment group and 36.1% in the control group, but the difference was not statistically significant.
All patients continued to receive optimal medical therapy.
For the bone marrow cell infusion, the researchers harvested stem cells from the patients' iliac crest. Mononuclear cells were isolated and rinsed with heparinized saline.
An average of 66 million stem cells per patient were infused into the infarct-related artery via an angioplasty balloon catheter. Inflation of the balloon simulated an ischemic condition, which prevented back-flow of the cells and provided time for cell migration to the infarct area.
At the three-month follow-up, there was significant improvement in left ventricular performance in the treatment group, reflected by improved cardiac index (by 22%), peak oxygen uptake (by 11%), and oxygen pulse (by 6.3%) (P<0.05 for all).
Exercise capacity increased by 15.4% from baseline, and left ventricular ejection fraction improved from 29.4% at baseline to 36% at three months (P<0.01 for both).
Both end-diastolic and end-systolic volume decreased from baseline in the treatment group (P<0.05 for both).
There were gains in quality of life as well, with the mean New York Heart Association (NYHA) class dropping from 3.22 to 2.25 (P<0.0167). In the control group, NYHA worsened from 3.06 to 3.5.
Class I = Minimum physical effect on the patient from his heart disease, perhaps occasional breathing problem or chest pain.
Class II = Trouble climbing stairs, lifting something heavy, walking quickly, plus general loss of energy.
Class III = Severe physical limitations, constant fatigue.
Class IV = Terminal, heart transplant and hospice are your only options.
The benefits in the treatment group persisted through one and five years.
The control group continued to deteriorate through the follow-up points.
Survival was better in the treatment group than in the control group. Through follow-up, 0.75% of the stem cell-treated patients died each year compared with 3.68% per year among controls (P<0.01).
"The reason [for the mortality reduction] may be twofold; namely, a decrease in pump failure and a decrease in severe cardiac arrhythmias," Strauer and his colleagues wrote in their paper.

Posted: 8/29/2010 7:47:39 PM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
Eight years ago, the rotator cuff on Tom Novak’s left shoulder tore.
After surgery to repair the injury and the biceps tendonitis that came with the tear, Novak underwent six months of physical therapy to regain proper motion. Then this year, the same thing happened again – this time to his right shoulder.

“It was probably a combination of wear and tear and throwing around 50 pound bags,” the 70-year-old Southport resident said, recalling the sharp, shooting pain that ripped though his arm one afternoon in June when he was working around the house.

“I realized something had gone wrong because I couldn’t pick up the drill,” he said. “I could not lift my hand higher than my waist.” But this time around after the surgery, Novak the recovery was noticeably different.

Within days he no longer had to take pain medication, and in a few weeks he regained the same range of motion it took months of physical therapy to achieve last time.

“Eight years ago, they were doing things differently,” Novak said. This time, Novak’s orthopedic surgeon Austin Yeargan tried a new approach. Yeargan harvested adult stem cells from bone marrow that came from Novak’s hip and used them to help repair his rotator cuff, combining it with a process to bathe the surgical site with platelet-rich plasma to jump-start growth factors.

“What I’m most excited about is using it for rotator cuff procedures. There are 15 percent of people who still do not do well after the surgery,” said Yeargan, who is based in Southport but operates in Brunswick County and Wilmington. “What I’m hoping is it helps to heal in cases when it’s older adults who don’t have the best tissue in the world.

“I’m going to start using it too for the bad fractures where the bone is very poor.”

Because adult stem cells do not have a specific structure or function, they are showing promise in a range of different types of surgeries to aid the healing process.

“The stem cells, they’re the most important thing because they’re not differentiated. They can really do anything,” Yeargan said.

Sidestepping the controversial issue of embryonic stem cell use, researchers have looked at new ways to use stem cells taken directly from the patient.

Yeargan pointed out that there needs to be more studies published using controlled groups to back up the procedure.
“Anecdotally, I have noticed a far quicker recovery and less pain,” he said.

Philip Hardison, president and CEO of the Wilmington-based Synergistic Technologies company that distributes the equipment for the process and has been marketing it to area surgeons, said the approach also has been used locally for spine fusions to grow bone after spine surgery.

He pointed to other areas of the country where the patient’s adult stem cells have been used to treat chronic wounds that won’t heal and for peripheral artery disease.

Last year, researchers in Ohio published the outcome of a clinical trial during which six of nine patients with severe peripheral artery disease who received adult stem cell transplants avoided major amputation. The stem cells helped grow new blood vessels to bypass damaged ones.

Blood vessels, however, are not the only thing adult stem cells could be used for as the building blocks for new growth. “If you put them (the adult stem cells) in the knee, where you typically have bone on bone, it will regrow the cartilage, which will prevent someone from having a total knee (replacement) surgery or at least buy them some time,” Hardison said. “Right now, we’ve been using it in orthopedic and spine surgeries, but the next level is with some of the trauma surgeons and to avoid amputations.”

FROM DON MARGOLIS: This doctor took a major step forward but will be stopped by the FDA, as all good doctors are who actually try to help people with the only stem cells which work. NOT because they are unsafe but because Repair Stem Cells threaten the profits of the Big Corporations who own our government and the FDA. There are two little companies in the USA which do what this doctor did without the surgery. The FDA is, of course, doing its best to destroy stem cells which help people and has come up with a new law to close one of them down. If you don’t know this by now, learn it:

Rule #1 of medicine in North America is profits to the big guys come first.

Rule #2 no cures of chronic diseases allowed---EVER, since cured patients cannot contribute to profits.

Rule #3 Patients are profitable Lab Rats, nothing more. Allow drugs which kill by the thousands but not stem cells which can’t kill anyone.
Posted: 8/27/2010 5:05:18 AM by Patrick Dalton | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
Thalassemia major boy saved after stem cell transplant
Ahmedabad India:
Updated on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 22:28 IST
A five-year-old thalassemia-major boy got a new lease on life following a successful stem cell transplant and would never require another blood transfusion for thallesemia, doctors who treated him said here today.
"Kavya, son of Mahesh Vaghela who works with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), under went a stem cell transplant last month. His condition is fine now as the donor cells have been accepted by the body," Dr Uday Deotare of Sterling hospital, who led the team of doctors who operated on Kayva told reporters.
"The stem cell were extracted from bone marrow of Kavya's elder brother Mihir (7)," he said.
Giving a brief medical history of Kavya, Deotare said that Kavya was detected with thalassemia major when he was six months old. 85% of his young life was spent on transfusion after transfusion:  "Since then he has been undergoing blood transfusions every month till he was four and half year old. His parents had approached us some time ago for the operation which is very costly," he said.
"Now that the operation is successful, Kavya would not need blood transfusion for the rest of his life. However, he would be on medication for next one year," Deotare said.
Kavya's father Manish said that he was very happy that his son was cured and would never need blood transfusion. "I am thankful to the doctors who saved my boy," he added.
The difference between medicine controlled by super-powerful corporations (which own every democracy in the West) is that if it is not profitable to Big Pharma, to HMOs, to medical device companies and to insurance companies, IT IS NOT LEGAL. 
The Medical Mafia doctors, instead of caring about their suffering and dying patients, lie to them and tell them stem cells are “snake oil and dangerous and don’t work.” That way they won’t complain as the FDA, owned by those corporations, pretend that stem cells are “unproven” and the patients die without a whimper or a protest. ---Don Margolis
Posted: 7/28/2010 1:06:56 PM by Patrick Dalton | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
A center in Yerevan that opened recently as part of a larger donor registry to harvest Repair Stem Cells for transplants has registered its first success this week as its collection has proved life-saving for a patient in Europe.

The stem cells of Frederic Safarian, an Iranian-Armenian, matched with those of a non-Armenian woman living in Belgium and suffering from a grave blood-related illness. The transplant was successfully performed on Thursday night in Belgium.

The Stem Cell Harvesting Center in Yerevan is the only such establishment that is available in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

It is part of the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR), which was established in 1999 for recruiting and providing matched unrelated donors for bone marrow or stem cell transplantation to all Armenian and non-Armenian patients who are suffering from leukemia and other blood related illnesses.

About 16,000 donors have been registered with ABMDR so far. A total of 821 matches have been found for 1,276 applications from patients during these years. This week has marked the tenth successful transplant assisted by the charitable organization, but the first stem-cell successfully matched. 

Doctor Mihran Nazaretyan, who works as part of this project, says that such successes not only save human lives, but may also hold out broad prospects for the future of Armenian medicine.

“We want not only to provide donors, but also create a transplant center in Armenia, which, naturally, will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we consider that 70 percent of work to achieve this goal has already been done,” Nazaretyan told ArmeniaNow.

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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
Fabulous Strike, a five-time graded stakes winner and one of the top sprinters in the country over the past three seasons, recently underwent stem cell treatment at New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pa., in an effort to get him back to the racetrack later this summer.

Trainer Todd Beattie said Walter Downney's homebred 7-year-old gelded son of Smart Strike   had the stem cell treatment about five weeks ago after an ultrasound determined he had a ligament strain in his pastern.

Stem cell therapy is a breakthrough procedure in which bone marrow is used to help regenerate tissue. The relatively new technique has been used with success by a handful of equine veterinarians, including Dr. Doug Herthel, who helped pioneer the treatments at Alamo Pintado Equine Center in California. Stem cell therapy has been used successfully to help a number of horses recover from many types of joint, tendon, and ligament injuries.

It is the first time Beattie, who is based at Penn National Race Course in western Pa., has used stem cell treatment for one of his horses. Dr. Michael Ross performed the one-time treatment on Fabulous Strike.

“It wasn’t like he was limping or anything, but he just wasn’t right,” Beattie said of Fabulous Strike, who last raced in the Vosburgh Stakes (gr. I) in October, 2009 at Belmont Park when finishing second. “So we decided to do an ultrasound. There was no tear or anything but there was some edema. We decided to go the stem-cell route.

"I have so much confidence in Dr. Ross. Some of my family, who has been in the business many years, have had good success with it. It’s a really interesting technique. (Fabulous Strike) seems to be doing very well so far.”
Beattie said Fabulous Strike will return to the New Bolton Center for further observation in a couple of weeks and if he gets a clean bill of health, will return to training in July. Beattie is shooting for late fall to get Fabulous Strike back to the races.

“He’s never had a soundness issue his whole career,” said Beattie. “We're hopeful he will recover from this and everything will be good to start back.”

Out of the Lost Code mare Fabulous Find, Fabulous Strike has won 14 of 24 starts for earnings of more than $1.4 million.

Posted: 6/15/2010 4:59:34 PM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

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