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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Stem Cell Research Using Adult Stem Cells for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

A young 16 year old boy with Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy has returned home with noticeable improvements after receiving Adult stem cell research in China. Kyle Knopes, from Janesville, Wisconsin says his quality of life has improved tremendously after returning from China where he received adult stem cells taken from cord blood.

What is Spinal Muscular Atrophy?

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a hereditary disease in which the person is missing a gene which is responsible for the production of the protein for motor neurons. Without this protein, the motor neuron in the spinal cord wither and die.

Before the Stem Cell Treatment in China

  • Couldn't open his fist

  • Couldn't roll over on his side by himself

  • All muscles were very weak, could only hold empty cups

After the Stem Cell Therapy Using Adult Stem Cells

  • Can open his fist and stretch his fingers by himself

  • Can roll from his back onto his side all by himself

  • Can now carry some weight, such as a bottle of apple juice rather than just empty cups

  • Reports improved strength in all his muscles

  • Daily tasks such as eating and writing are easier

Adult Stem Cells "Definitely" and "Absolutely" Worth It

When asked if the trip half way around the world from Wisconsin to China was worth it, Kyle replied "Definitely" and his mother chimed in with "Absolutely."

From the stem cell article:

Kyle and Penny said they’re happy to have gone through all the fundraising and planning for the treatment that cost more than $30,000, plus expenses.

They’d even consider a second trip in a few years for more injections.

They met families from across the United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, England and elsewhere during their stay.

It was like one big family,” Kyle said.

Another Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patient Helped By Stem Cell Research

Coincidentally, or probably not so coincidentally, Kyle followed in the footsteps of another Janesville resident with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Brandon Meinke.

This was a great story because a reporter from the local TV station followed Brandon before and after the stem cell treatment, documenting the improvements.

Brandon received stem cell treatment for his SMA and was able to walk again after the adult stem cells. You can see more on his stem cell therapy here.
Posted: 7/27/2009 4:27:06 PM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Stem Cell Research Study Shows Adult Stem Cells Improve Diabetes Type 2

Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina is scheduled to present a stem cell research study in which he helped improve Diabetes Type 2 patients with their own Adult Stem Cells and followed up on them for 3 years! The stem cell treatment and therapy was a great success. The results are below.

Stem Cell Pioneer and Doctor to Present Adult Stem Cell Study At ISCT Meeting

Dr. Fernandez Vina will present the following abstract at the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) in San Diego in July 2009.  This is another milestone in Adult Stem Cell research as Dr. Fernandez-Vina has probably been the world's foremost stem cell doctor in helping patients with their own stem cells.


Objectives: To evaluate the long time performance of Stem cells implant in pancreas in Diabetes Type 2 patients The adults stem cells CD34(+)CD38(-) have demonstrated the capacity to differentiate into functional cells in the endocrine pancreas.

Method: After three years on cell therapy for diabetes,patients the conclusions are optimistic. In this study were observed the evolution of 58 patients Diabetic type 2, 37 male, 21 female, 29- 71 years old. 29 patients were under insulin therapy, and 20 patients using Sulphonylureas + Biguanides. For the transplantation, we harvested bone marrow from the iliac crest by aspiration. The sample was processed using a density gradient separation method, obtaining 120ml (±95) of CD34(+)CD38(-) solution. For the implant was procedure a catheterization through Splenic Artery. No complications or further events were observed during or after the procedure. The patients were subjected to clinical and blood samples control during the 36 months following the implant.

Type 2 Patients

Before Implant

6 Months

36 Months

Results %

P values

C-Peptide Basal (ng/ml)






C-Peptide after meal (ng/ml)











Insulin Basal (MU/ml)






Insulin After Meal (MU/ml)




58.75 %

Pills per day






Insulin Dosis (IU/day)





P= 0.037

Conclusions: the implant of mononuclear CD34+CD38- ( stem cells) from autologous bone marrow improve pancreatic function in patients with type 2 diabetes, in a safe form and is maintained after 3 years at least

Stem Cell Treatment Now Available, But Not In the United States

Dr. Fernandez Vina from Argentina now is treating patients with their own stem cells in  El Salvador (a short flight from Houston) for conditions such as Spinal Cord Injury, Heart Disease, Lung Diseases (COPD and Emphysema) Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 as well as many other conditions.

If you are further interested in this Adult Stem Cell treatment, please go to our Repair Stem Cell Institute website and fill out this stem cell treatment request form and we will assist you in receiving more stem cell therapy information regarding Dr. Fernandez Vina
Posted: 6/25/2009 2:41:39 PM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
While America continues to waste put its money into Embryonic Stem Cell research, a doctor in Iraq is actually treating patients with their own Adult Stem Cells.   Dr. Abdul Majeed Alwan Hammadi is treating patients for free- and has so far treated 34 patients with stem cell therapy and treatment, mainly patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Hammadi claims no side effects have been reported in his patients and this isn't surprising because it is the patient's own stem cells he is using.

We covered Dr. Hammadi briefly last month when he was treating  Reverend Andrew White, the vicar for St. George's church in Baghdad.  Reverend Andrew was suffering from multiple sclerosis before his stem cell treatment.

Reverend Andrew had no qualms about using his own Adult Stem Cells for his treatment because they were cells from his own body, already designed to repair damage.

Dr. Hammadi started treating Reverend Andrew in January 2009.  Since then (from the stem cell article):

White said his slurred speech and other MS symptoms improved since starting the three-hour therapy sessions, which involves Hammadi extracting adult stem cells from White’s blood and then injecting them into his spinal cord.

"When there’s no other treatment, you kind of just go with it," White said. "At least there’s a chance."

White said the therapy itself "can be a bit painful" since it involves a spinal cord puncture, but there has been a "massive difference" in his condition.

"It’s very rare for me to actually feel ill now," he said. "My balance is still quite bad and my vision is not perfect, but I do not feel ill."

Look at this.  In the middle of a warzone, a doctor is treating patients with their own Adult Stem Cells for free.  While in the peaceful United States, too busy with their Embryonic stem cell research, multiple sclerosis patients wait (and suffer) for the right to use their own stem cells for treatment. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Posted: 6/15/2009 3:43:36 PM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Stem Cell Treatment Helps Spinal Cord Injury

Due to the wonders of Adult Stem Cell treatment, yet another spinal cord injury patient has improved his quality of life.  A young man in India who had lost all sensations from a car accident has been helped after receiving his own Adult Stem Cells and having them injected into his spinal cord where the injury occurred (C3-c4).

Before the Stem Cell Therapy

  • Loss of bladder function and control

  • Weakness in all both legs and arms

  • Loss of feeling and sensations

After the Adult Stem Cell Therapy

  • Regained bladder function- doesn't need urinary catheter anymore

  • Getting Stronger in all limbs

  • Return of more feelings and sensations

Process of Stem Cells for Spinal Cord Injury

  1. Bone Marrow taken from the hip

  2. 6 weeks of cultivating the adult stem cells to increase total to 100 million +

  3. Adult Stem Cells injected at injury site (C3-C4) in a surgical procedure

Dr. K Eliyas Basha of Salem Manipal Hospital in India was the stem cell doctor responsible for this success story.  He contacted various stem cell treatment centers around the world and exchanged ideas and techniques.

From the stem cell article:

"We have been screening and interacting with stem cell centres around the world to know further details regarding stem cell therapy directly at the C3- C4 cervical cord injury. The whole procedure was thoroughly studied and scrutinized by various committees of Manipal health systems," Dr. Basha said.

Perhaps he consulted with this group in Ecuador- see this amazing stem cell for spinal cord injury video

While obviously not a cure, this stem cell therapy and treatment has   helped improve this young man's life.  That is what Adult Stem Cells do- they repair damage and improve lives with no side effects.

What if we gave every spinal cord injury patient in the United States this stem cell treatment using their own repair stem cells?  Don't you think that would help improve thousands of lives?

I do.   We have enough proof- it is safe and helps in most cases. Let's make Adult Stem Cells available for treatment now!
Posted: 6/13/2009 3:57:20 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Adult Stem Cell Group Having A Rally

A group of patients who have been helped by stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells have formed a group called the Stem Cell Awareness Association.  This group is growing fast with prospective stem cell patients and even US doctors joining the movement.   They will be holding a Stem Cell Awareness rally this Saturday, June 13th, 2009 in Denver.

Making Others Aware of the Benefits of Adult Stem Cells

The Stem Cell Awareness Association was formed by Carol Peterson.  Carol is the grandmother of Cameron Peterson, a young toddler who was blind from Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, but now can see thanks to stem cell therapy in China using Adult Stem Cells from cord blood.

Educated Freedom of Choice

Carol says the mission of the Stem Cell Awareness Association can be summarized  in four simple words, "Educated Freedom of Choice.

"Our group is mainly made up of patients who have experienced what is really available in other countries and while we don't want to exert influence over other patients' decisions, we do want to make them aware that what is available in the U.S. is not representative of what is available throughout the world."

US Medical Establishment Protecting Patients Or Are They More Worried About Lawsuits and Reputations?

David Aldrich, a spinal cord injury patient who has improved tremendously after his stem cell treatments in China also weighs in on the topic-

"I am worn out from dealing with a medical establishment that does not provide me with the best treatment available and oftentimes tries to stop people like me from seeking treatment abroad under the guise of protecting me," said Aldrich. "My short-term goal is to let people know that there is help available, no matter what your physician says. But my real goal is focused on bringing people together to figure out what can be done so I don't have to go abroad for my next treatment."

If you guessed that David was referring to the American medical establishment not providing him with the best treatment available,  you would be correct.

Too Much Focus On Stem Cell Research and Not Enough Focus On Helping Patients Now With Adult Stem Cells?

While America focuses on "research" using billions of taxpayer dollars, other countries are using Adult Stem Cells now and actually helping patients improve their lives.

For example, take Shel Morse, the mother of Macie Morse, who was legally blind from her optic nerve hypoplasia, but CAN NOW DRIVE!  after receiving adult stem cell therapy in China, she has her say -

"Macie's journey to stem cells started when she turned 15 and asked for a driving permit. It wasn't even an option with her current vision, not to mention the fact a vision teacher of hers had stated it was never going to be possible and we should just face reality. At that point I knew that it was my mission to let people know that they don't necessarily have to live with the diagnosis their local doctors give them.

"Macie's doctors not only criticized the companies we told them about but actively discouraged us from help overseas - help that they could not offer. The reason why I got behind this organization and decided to set up this event in Denver is because the patients need to join together to have a voice. Our medical society needs to get serious about real health care; we cannot rely on our current system - it is broken. U.S. doctors and scientists need to focus on doing what is necessary to help patients instead of their reputations and how they can make money."

What else can I say?  Carol, David and Shel said it perfectly.    See the full stem cell press release here

If you are in the Denver area on Saturday, go check them out, you may learn something and for sure you will meet some brave individuals-

All patients who are considering stem cell treatments or have already had stem cell treatments are welcome to join the next Stem Cell Awareness Rally:
    Location: Denver, Colorado
Place: Stella's Coffee House
Date: June 13th, 2009
Time: 2 pm
Posted: 6/11/2009 3:00:45 PM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

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