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April 2004
The greatest accomplishment in cardiological history was Dr. Dohmann's absolute destruction, in Brazil , 2002, of most every cow held sacred by cardiologists. Dohmann's team proved once and for all, that transplant candidates, in most cases, need their own adult stem cells implanted into their hearts, rather than a transplant.
Dohmann's results led directly to the first FDA approval of a stem cell clinical trial for heart disease just last month. I have no doubt that others will follow and I predict that EVERY one of those trials, using autologous bone marrow or blood derived stem cells on chronically-ill heart patients, will be overwhelmingly successful.

November 2004
Dohmann's seven Brazilian doctors have destroyed one more long-held myth of cardiology. One of their 19 patients receiving adult stem cells died in month 11 of a stroke. The autopsy proved, for the very first time in human history, that blood vessels can be regenerated by the body. This means that every cardiology textbook printed in the 20th century is wrong! How long will it be before the sacred cow that heart muscle cannot be regenerated is destroyed once and for all?

May 2005
Dohmann led to doctors in Uruguay , Argentina , Germany , and Thailand proving in 2003-2004 that most all late-stage angina and heart failure and cardiomyopathy patients could have their lives improved and lengthened by adult stem cells.

September 2005
Dr. Amit Patel of the University of Pittsburgh has proven, with MRI science, that the patient's own adult stem cells injected into the heart muscle can (a) improve the function of a very sick heart, and (b) reduce the size of that sick heart and (c) take an NYHA Class III-IV patient back to physically unimpaired Class I.

April 2006
Fearless Forecast: Adult stem cells will be able to repair or replace any organ, any nerve cell, any blood problem in the human body while embryologists continue their endless struggle to treat one human being for one disease. Indeed, scientists believe they can now replace a destructive human immune system! Therefore I am more than sure that Prof. Doris Taylor's 1998 seminal paper on adult stem cells is already the most important achievement in medical history, even though it will not be recognized by the Nobel Committee before 2025.

July 2006
Fearless Forecast: Adult stem cells are already successfully treating more diseases today, in the summer of 2006, than embryonic stem cells will treat in the next decade.

September 2007
In America, a country which believes all stem cells come from embryos, in which embryonics is politically correct, and adult stem cells are three words almost never printed in a positive context in most any newspaper, it is not surprising that stem cell diabetes therapy in America is a couple of years behind the rest of the world. Looking over dozens of human results, (not from America where the ‚“news‚ is very old) it seems that there are at least four different kinds of adult stem cells which have already substantially improved the lives of human diabetics.

November 2007
Chalk another one up for Dr. Dohmann and his Brazil Seven! (The actuary in me loves this one.) My small survey of transplant cardiologists indicates an expected mortality of 35% per year for those 90%+ of candidates who never get a new heart. (95% in USA ) That means that after five years, only 2.2 of the Dohmann 19 stem cell recipients would be alive after five years without the stem cells and without the new heart. I am thrilled to report that 12 are still alive and most all are still enjoying a better quality of life.

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