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Repair Stem Cells Now Treating Crohn's Disease!

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Repair stem cells (aka adult stem cells) are now being used to treat Crohn's Disease- in Topeka, Kansas.  They have just begun a double blind study to determine the effects of adult stem cells on Crohn's Disease-  and the Margolis fearless prediction is "Of course, it will work!":

 The trial is using stem cells harvested from healthy adult donors. Dr. Robert Braun of Cotton-O'Neil Digestive Health Center says the adult stem cells are able to modulate the inflammatory response. He says the cells can go to the site of active inflammation and turn down the inflammatory response, giving patients relief. (The stem cells are doing what they are supposed to do- repair!- DM)

Look how repair stem cells can help change someone's life:

37-year old Veronica Sherer is among those taking part in the trial. Diagnosed with Crohn's disease three years ago, she says it's had a dramatic impact on her life. She says she's had a lot of pain and must make frequent trips to the restroom. She also has no energy to keep up with her year-old daughter.

Veronica's husband found out about the trial. Veronica says getting accepted was "a big shining hope."

 While Veronica can't be sure she's getting the real thing, she believes it's making a difference. She says she's full of energy and happy and feels like she has a whole new lease on life-  (I wish I had one dollar for every repair stem cell recipient who has uttered similar words-DM)

Click here for more on how repair stem cells are helping Crohn's Disease

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