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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Stem Cell Treatment Results for Cerebral Palsy

The Xcell-Center, a stem cell treatment center in Germany has presented results of its adult stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy.  The treatment center followed up on 45 cerebral palsy patients treated with their own stem cells.  Out of the 45, 30 patients had improvements according to Xcell.  That is a 67% success rate!

Multiple Stem Cell Success Stories From Germany

We previously featured the Xcell Center in this story about Harvey Telford, age 2, a cerebral palsy patient from England who recently returned from Germany and his parents were very happy. And also Sierra Hill, a young cerebral palsy patient from Australia- her parents were so impressed that they already have plans to return for more adult stem cells and hopefully more improvements in Sierra's quality of life. 

From the stem cell article:

These results support the premise that patients with cerebral palsy can be treated safely and effectively with autologous stem cell therapy.

The most common improvement reported by patients was improved hand and finger coordination that resulted in better hand use. A majority of patients reported less upper limb spasticity.

"Not long after the treatment, our son started speaking in full sentences. His fine motor skills have improved and he can now hold his fork and eat without help," said Mrs. Ritu Giacobbe, the mother of a 13 year-old boy who was treated at the XCell-Center one year ago.

Leg and foot coordination improved in nearly half of the patients. Approximately 4 in 10 had reduced lower limb spasticity. 20% were able to walk better.

Speech improved in about 40% of patients. 1 in 5 showed improved cognition.

Stem Cell Research Results for Cerebral Palsy

See the whole paper from the Xcell Center below:

Stem Cell Treatment For Cerebral Palsy Results -

From the stem cell doctor:

"These results confirm what we see in Germany on a weekly basis; that treating patients with their own stem cell yields positive results. Many of these children require less care and are now more independent. And this positively impacts the quality of life of the children and their caregivers. We couldn't be more delighted," stated Dr. Ute Tamaschke, the XCell-Center's pediatric neurosurgeon.

Description of the Treatment

The treatment begins by collecting a small amount bone marrow from the patient's hip via thin needle mini-puncture. The stem cells are separated from the bone marrow at the XCell-Center's EU certified cGMP laboratory, where they are counted and their vitality is confirmed. The last step consists of inserting a fine spinal needle between the patient's L4 and L5 vertebrae and injecting the stem cells into the cerebrospinal fluid which flows into the brain.

Interested in Therapy?

Yes, it is a shame that this simple therapy that is so simple and can be done within a 3 day period isn't available in the United States. However,if you or someone you know has cerebral palsy or another disease, please send me an email at don@repairstemcells.org and I will assist you with the Xcell Center or other stem cell therapy centres.
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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Spinal Cord Injury Patient Improves After Repair Stem Cells Implanted

Kit Bond, a spinal cord injury patient, is reporting that multiple stem cell treatments in Portugal and China have improved his quality of life and that is the reason he continues to go to receive Repair Stem Cells (aka Adult Stem Cells). 

Treated by Dr. Carlos Lima in Portugal

Bond, who suffered his spinal cord injury (SCI) in a horrific car accident in 2003, first went for Repair Stem Cell treatment in Portugal in 2005.  Dr. Carlos Lima, an esteemed member of the Repair Stem Cell Institute's scientific advisory board, was the treating doctor and gave Bond adult stem cells removed from Bond's nose (olfactory stem cells). 

First Stem Cell Transplant Pays Dividends

From the stem cell article:

Bond was the 54th person in the world to have the procedure done.
Although he knew it was risky, he said it was worth it.

Immediately after the surgery, Bond’s body regained the ability to regulate temperature. Before that moment, Bond had a problem where he always felt cold — a common problem among quadriplegics.

“It was the best feeling in the world,” Bond said. “I felt a cold breeze and thought, ‘Oh, this is OK.’”

Second Stem Cell Therapy in China Pays Off Again

Later after a year of rehab and school, Bond went for another stem cell therapy in China in May, 2008, this time he received adult stem cells taken from donated umbilical cord blood (not embryonic stem cells).  And how did the treatment work for his spinal cord injury this time?  Let's ask his physical therapist:

Trey Ratzlaff, a physical therapist assistant at Stillwater Medical Center’s Total Health, has worked with Bond since before he started the stem cell treatments.

Ratzlaff said after Bond’s first trip to China, he was convinced the treatments were working after Bond came in for therapy for the first time after returning.

“Before, I always had to help him get on the treatment table,” Ratzlaff said. “He said, ‘Hey, watch what I can do,’ and then he got himself up on the table and rolled around and got himself sitting up on his own. I almost had tears in my eyes.”

Third Time a Charm!

The first two stem cell therapies worked, so why not go for 3?  That's exactly what Bond did.  He went for a third stem cell treatment in China in May 2009. 

Bond’s next trip to China was May 2009 where he received six injections.
Bond said he has gained a lot more independence and strength in his core and his arms thanks to the stem cell injections.

However, the treatments definitely come with a monetary cost health insurance doesn’t cover.

Danny Harvey, Bond’s stepfather, said the treatments, plane tickets for Bond and his family, lodging and food along with other miscellaneous costs total between $45,000 and $50,000 per trip.

But Harvey said he doesn’t mind the cost because of the benefits for his son.

After each treatment, Bond is always in an even better mood and his independence increases, Harvey said.

“We wouldn’t keep doing it if there weren’t some kinds of signs,” he said.
Harvey is not skeptical the stem cell treatments are working.

“Since we’ve started, he has went from 20 prescriptions to five,” Harvey said. “That’s a sign of independence to us.”

Harvey said Bond’s siblings have noticed improvements in their brother, as well.

Why Go Overseas for Treatment?

Well, I'm sure Bond and his family would rather not shell out $45,000 for the therapy and expenses every time they leave the country for Repair Stem Cells, but Bond does not have an option as Adult Stem Cells aren't available in the United States. Why isn't it available? The FDA has handcuffed progress on treatment advances using adult stem cells by treating your own cells the same as a new drug. I am not saying that they are a miracle cure, but stem cell therapy is a very safe procedure with no side effects so why the FDA doesn't make it available is beyond me.
If you interested in stem cell treatment and research for spinal cord injury (SCI) or any other condition, please email me at don@repairstemcells.org and put TREATMENT in the subject line and I will be happy to try to assist you. 



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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

American Death Row"  Medical System Gives Rise to Repair Stem Cell Institute

As many of you know, 18 months ago we founded the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) to help sick patients locked into what we call the “American Death Row” medical system, to find help for 100 diseases their doctors cannot help them with. We started with six of the world’s top stem cell centers, all led by top researchers who want to help people now rather than wait 15+ years as the powerful entities which control American medicine have decreed is the fate of its citizens.We have added a few centers since then, always insisting they meet our high standards openly published for all to see.  No one who wants to help people

Stem Cell Centers Added to RSCI List

There have been three additional stem cell centers added to RSCI’s list in 2009, all of them leaders in their Repair Stem Cell niche.  One of them is San Diego’s MediStem, which is certainly a world-leader in the development of new cutting edge stem cells and probably the first to use them to help patients in the real world.I visited with CEO Thomas Ichim who, almost by himself, over-qualified his company’s affiliated center to join RSCI’s “best of the best.” 

Introducing Thomas Ichim- Adult Stem Cell Genius

Dr. Ichim is a cancer specialist turned stem cell genius, and his unfulfilled dream is to create a cancer “vaccine” powered by stem cells that can work around all the problems still facing most researchers.  However, he stopped along the way to lead MediStem to the most advanced adult stem cells (or Repair Stem Cells) in practical use today.>

While many stem cell centers use “old fashioned” bone marrow RSCs directly without improving them, and others are implanting more powerful umbilical cord RSCs (China gets good results using six implants in 30 days), Israel’s famous Dr. Shimon Slavin goes to great lengths (60 days) to culture a tiny amount of the patient’s bone marrow mesenchymal RSCs (MSCs) into tens of millions for a single implant.  Dr. Ichim, an admirer of Prof. Slavin, has dared to go a step further. 

Stem Cell Research - New Therapies

Agreeing with RSCI’s Science Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Vina, and Deputy Chairman Slavin that mesenchymal RSCs hold more promise than the more common CD34s in therapeutic applications, MediStem took a giant leap to the next generation, bypassing the expensive long-term culturing process of the patient’s own bone marrow cells in favor of even stronger mesenchymals. 

  1. They pay young (20-something) volunteers to donate their bone marrow cells, therefore starting with the best age for strong, healthy stem cells.
  2. After eliminating any potential for disease, they spin out the mesenchymals and grow them into massive numbers in a very short time with patented IP.
  3. Then the biggest challenge of all was overcome---eliminating any chance of rejection of the donor’s DNA by the patient’s immune system….also by patented IP.
  4. The final product is cryo-frozen and shipped to the treatment center, many batches at one time, and stored there. 

Now any patient, too young, too old, too weak, or too sick to use his/her own stem cells, gets the benefit of what promise to be the best of the best stem cells.

Stem Cell Science - Never Stagnant

Will this prove to be the best protocol ever?  Of course not.  Repair Stem Cell  science zooms by every great discovery in less than two years----sort of like Moore’s Law for computer science.  But for 2009 and probably 2010, I doubt any one will top this product…clean, massive numbers, and all mesenchymals.  2011? History says this new miracle may be all but obsolete.  But Dr. Ichim says simply,  “We are not going to be standing still either.”  THAT you can bet on. 

Stem Cell Treatment Information

If you are interested in treatment using protocols developed by Dr. Thomas Ichim or other members of the Repair Stem Cell Institute, please send me an email at don@repairstemcells.org and put TREATMENT in the subject line. 

Thank you-- Don Margolis  (DM)

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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Adult Stem Cells from Cord Blood Save Girl From Thalassemia

A young girl has been cured of her Thalassemia after receiving cord blood stem cells that were saved when her younger brother was born.  8 year old Thamira from India has been cured after the adult stem cells taken from her sibling's cord blood was implanted back into her.

Perfect Match of Cord Blood Stem Cells

Due to the Thalassemia, Thamira had been needing blood transfusions every month for the last 7 years.  Due to a suggestion by the doctors at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Thamira's parents stored the cord blood after Thamira's sibling was born.  It was a perfect match!

After that, Thamira had to go through chemotherapy to kill her immune system before the cord blood stem cells could be implanted.

Storage of Sibling's Cord Blood Increases Chances

From the stem cell article:

S Abhayakumar, vice-chairman of LifeCell, which helped preserve Pugazhendi's cord blood stem cells in Chennai, said a new-born sibling's umbilical cord blood provided a better chance of HLA matching as there is a 25% chance for a perfect match and 50% chance for partial match. "A sibling's cord blood for transplant lowers the chances of donor rejection. Therefore, it isa preferred source for transplantation," he said.

Pros of Storing Umbilical Cord Blood

This stem cell success story was due to a perfect match being available from umbilical cord blood.  We also see that the storage of a baby's cord blood can come in handy.  For example, the adult stem cell trial for cerebral palsy at Duke University, the criteria for the trial is that the baby must have his/her cord blood stem cells handy (stored at birth) so they can be implanted for the stem cell treatment. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Thalassemia and Other Disease

If you are interested in stem cell research and therapy for thalassemia or any other disease, please send me an email- don@repairstemcells.org with TREATMENT in the subject box and I will try to find help for you.
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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

California Woman Gets Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

A stem cell research patient with Multiple Sclerosis is now in Costa Rica to receive a second treatment to help her quality of life even more.  Holly Huber, a young woman from California who previously had described her first treatment with Adult Stem Cells as "astonishing", is now back for more.

 We previously had story on Holly back in March 2009-  Holly Huber Stem Cells- Holly Huber Stem Cells


Stem Cells "Well Worth It"

Holly had previously said about her adult stem cell treatment for Multiple Sclerosis that 

"it is well worth it, especially considering she was paying $1450 per month (with insurance!!) for MS medication that wasn't effective.

As for the facilities, Holly says they were "immaculate" and would rival any hospital in the United States.

It gave me a new life, a new future, I’m starting my life over at 36.”

Back For A Second Helping

Now, Holly is back in Costa Rica for a second stem cell therapy using adult stem cells from her own bone marrow and stem cells from umbilical cord blood.  And she has a stem cell video to describe her treatment.  A doctor couldn't have described the adult stem cell therapy any better than Holly!  See this fantastic stem cell video below!!!

Stem Cell Video



If you want information on the stem cell treatment center where Holly is at, please send me an email - don@repairstemcells.org and put TREATMENT in the subject line!

Best of luck Holly on your second treatment with Adult Stem Cells!

Special Note:  Holly Huber also has her own stem cell blog.  You can find it fittingly at http://www.ilovemynewstemcells.com/  - I Love My New Stem Cells!! What a great name for a stem cell website.
Posted: 9/17/2009 12:15:01 PM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

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