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Cord Blood Stem Cells Help Cure Girl Of Thalassemia

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Adult Stem Cells from Cord Blood Save Girl From Thalassemia

A young girl has been cured of her Thalassemia after receiving cord blood stem cells that were saved when her younger brother was born.  8 year old Thamira from India has been cured after the adult stem cells taken from her sibling's cord blood was implanted back into her.

Perfect Match of Cord Blood Stem Cells

Due to the Thalassemia, Thamira had been needing blood transfusions every month for the last 7 years.  Due to a suggestion by the doctors at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Thamira's parents stored the cord blood after Thamira's sibling was born.  It was a perfect match!

After that, Thamira had to go through chemotherapy to kill her immune system before the cord blood stem cells could be implanted.

Storage of Sibling's Cord Blood Increases Chances

From the stem cell article:

S Abhayakumar, vice-chairman of LifeCell, which helped preserve Pugazhendi's cord blood stem cells in Chennai, said a new-born sibling's umbilical cord blood provided a better chance of HLA matching as there is a 25% chance for a perfect match and 50% chance for partial match. "A sibling's cord blood for transplant lowers the chances of donor rejection. Therefore, it isa preferred source for transplantation," he said.

Pros of Storing Umbilical Cord Blood

This stem cell success story was due to a perfect match being available from umbilical cord blood.  We also see that the storage of a baby's cord blood can come in handy.  For example, the adult stem cell trial for cerebral palsy at Duke University, the criteria for the trial is that the baby must have his/her cord blood stem cells handy (stored at birth) so they can be implanted for the stem cell treatment. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Thalassemia and Other Disease

If you are interested in stem cell research and therapy for thalassemia or any other disease, please send me an email- don@repairstemcells.org with TREATMENT in the subject box and I will try to find help for you.
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